AC Mini Winnie - Winslet

2019 Tri-Blue Merle Mini Female.

AC Mini Winnie is an ASDR Registered 14" 24lb tri-blue merle Miniature Australian Shepherd who got AC Mini Aussies up and running! Winslet is AnneMarie's #1 travel buddy whether it be to rodeos, road trips all over the USA, or flying high in the sky, Winslet is always there. She loves to steal the show with her Bambi-like walk and her piercing blue eyes that will hook you with one look. Winslet loves to go to the barn with AnneMarie and ride on the back of the horses as well.

  • ​14"
  • 18lbs
  • Full panel clear
  • Strong herding lines

AC Timberline DollyStar - Dolly

2022 Bi Black Mini Female.

AC Timberline DollyStar is an ASDR Registered 14.5", 27lb, Black Bi Miniature Australian Shepherd with champion bloodlines, strong herding lines, and the most loveable personality! Dolly has a strong build, a superior soft coat, and eyes that melt your soul.

  • ​14.5"
  • 27lbs
  • Full panel clear by parentage
    • awaiting health & color testing
  • Champion bloodlines
  • Strong herding lines

AC Lil Lottie Rafter - Lottie

2023 Tri Red Merle TOY Female.

AC Lil Lottie Rafter is an ASDR Registered 10", 8lb, Tri Red Merle and AC Aussies FIRST TOY Australian Shepherd!! Lottie comes from strong drive & herding lines, and is the happiest / the most personality packed dog I have ever met! With Lottie's bold, minimal white, and unique coat - we cannot wait to see her develop and have her first litter in 2025!

  • ​10"
  • 8lbs
  • Full panel clear by parentage
    • awaiting health & color testing
  • Strong herding lines